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Khemara, she is 15 years old and 7th grade student in secondary school. Khemara, she is from the poor family and live with parents and younger brother. When she was lying down at home, her mother found an unnatural lump around her stomach. The following day, she went to the hospital to examine it in Phnom Penh and found that it was an ovarian cyst. The hospital staff told her that Japan Heart Children’s Medical Center provides surgery for free, and she visited our hospital the next day.

She decided to receive surgery from Japanese obstetrics and gynecology specialist at Japan Heart. After a successful operation, three large cysts in her ovaries were removed. The cysts were very large. In Japan, such big cysts are usually removed before it become that large. She recovered without any problem after surgery and was discharged after a few days.

Khemara said “Thank you very much to all doctors of Japan Heart always take good care and give me a new life.’

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