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Family Shield

Family means everything to you!
Family Shield provides you with peace-of-mind by helping you secure these aspirations even if you are not around.

What is Family Shield?
A flexible saving plan which provides you with guaranteed Advanced Cash Back while we are protecting you and additionally other wide range of life insurance benefits for your family.

Benefit of the Plan
There are 5 key benefits in Family Shield

Advanced Cash Back Receive up to 20% over your savings while we are protecting you and your family
Guaranteed Saving/Maturity Benefit Guarantee your family’s long-term dreams even if you are not around.
Death/TPD Benefits Immediately release your family burden upon something bad happens to you.
Annual Family Income Provide your family with regular financial relief while you are not around.
Waiver of Premium All remaining premium will be waived in case of death/TPD of policy owner.
Product Highlights
Entry Age 18 to 50 years
Policy Term 15 years
Premium Frequency Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, Annually
Benefits Silver Gold Platinum
1 Advanced Cash Back US$2,000 ① US$2,000 ① US$2,000 ①
2 Guaranteed Saving / Maturity Benefit US$10,000 US$10,000 US$10,000
3 Death/TPD Benefit:
• Not due to accident
• Due to accident



4 Annual Family Income ② US$1,000 US$2,000 US$3,000
5 Waiver of Premiums ③
Annual Premium ④ US$715 US$826 US$937
①. During 15 years
②. Payable upon the Life Insured's death/TPD starting from the next anniversary date after death/TPD happen until maturity.
③. Available in case Policy Owner is different person from the Life Insured.
④. This premium is based on the Life Insured (the same person with the Policy Owner) who is 35 years old, male, with standard health condition. The Life Insured is the same Life Insured of DL EduPro, Family Protection Rider and Family Income Rider.

* For simplicity, premium is displayed on this brochure without decimals.

Note: There is only one Life Insured for Family Shield (the same Life Insured for DL EduPro, Family Protection Rider and Family Income Rider)

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